My First Event Blog

Today is Sunday July 15. As I was making some updates to my website I decided to start an event blog to talk about the different events that I am working on and give a little insight into the event planning industry.  So many people think that this is an easy job and it is not. Being an event planner, designer, stylist, etc. takes so much creativity and hard work to constantly keep your events with the latest style or with unique ideas.  With wide range access to internet, google, and pinterest so many people think that these adventurously creative ideas are easy to replicate and at everyones disposal so why hire an event specialist? Hiring an event planner is about the ease it creates that allows you to enjoy the celebrous moments and create everlasting memories.

Stay tuned as I take you on this journey with aJUICYevent and how we conquer creating new everlasting memories one event at a time.